Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home...It's Where I Want To Be

Good evening folks!

Brr! Another cold day here in Lexington. But even though it’s still rather damp and grey out, you can feel that winter has lost its bite. It's just going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong, I love wintertime with its sparkly holidays, cold, snowy days and long, sleepy nights. I really dig all that. But what I love more is the changing of the seasons; one into another. I really enjoy the contrast and variety that four seasons bring. About the time you are really sick of the cold or the heat or the rain, another season takes the stage, and suddenly, it’s a whole new show. So winter, I am weary of you and bid you farewell. Hello springtime with your mild, warm days and the drama of your thunderstorms!

This wonder and anticipation I feel at the start of a new season leads me in a roundabout way to today’s topic: my home renovation.  I have so many plans for the house in the coming months and I’m really looking forward to sharing them here, in the ether, with new blog friends. I won’t go into great detail about my plans, partly because I really want to document each project as it happens, but also when I write out everything I want to get done this year, I feel giddy and overwhelmed. It’s like the sun; you can’t look directly at it!

My little 1938 bungalow is the first home I've ever owned and though I sure do love her, I feel like I have so much work to do! But today, as spring peeps her head up, I feel fairly good about it! Dare I say even optimistic?

Oh well, we still have another week or so of winter and it is rather dark and cold outside. I think I'll snuggle in with the pups for one last winter's nap and dream of blooming hydrangea bushes, shiny wood floors, spotless, cheerful kitchens and period bathroom fixtures.

I realize this has been quite the meandering post, but I've been full of thoughts about the house today and wanted to express it somehow. I think I will leave it to David Byrne instead. Preach it Dave ...

Sweet dreams,

Lucky Charm Vintage

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bring Me the Head of Sally Bowles!

Good evening folks!

First things first - I promised to reveal the contents of the taped-up mystery bag from last week so let’s take a peek shall we? 

As we suspected, there were indeed pantyhose craft faces but mercifully, there were only two of them.

However, they are certainly stunning examples of the species! I’m a little bit fascinated / repulsed by them and quite unsure whether or not to dispose of them or save them to teach future generations.  If anyone has any thoughts please do let me know.

On the flip side, there were tons of fabulous little finds in there as well.  There were several really cute hand- crocheted potholders and doilies…

Also, there were lots of vintage fabric pieces as well as a lovely, vintage fabric, yo-yo doll that I really, really love. I shall call him Ferdinand.

There was also a really nice pair of vintage tea towels. Little ducks too! Can one ever really have enough of these? I think they might be the basis on which a truly civilized society rests. I love them almost as much as salt and pepper shakers, which are another mark of the civilized, in my humble opinion.

Some darling, vintage baby clothes...

But the true surprise was......wait for it.....

yep...dozens of adorable, hand-painted, wooden beads that look just like Sally Bowles!  

I will have to find a craft project worthy of these lovelies! If y'all have any ideas please be sure and let me know. 

In the meantime, let's take a moment to enjoy the fabulous Liza as Sally...

Good night for now,
Lucky Charm Vintage

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Go!

Welcome to my new blog, Lucky Charm Vintage. I hope in the days to come to share my love of  things vintage as well as other interests. I am currently working on restoring my new to me 1930's bungalow.  I hope that blogging my progress (or lack of it) will  help me connect with other like-minded souls out there in the throes of old home restoration. I am also a thrift store devotee as well as a vintage fabric, button and paper collector/hoarder. As I write this I realize I could be describing things a magpie might steal for their nest.

I also like finding old recipe books and vintage kitchen items. I think I may have an addiction to salt and pepper shakers. My interests and loves are eclectic and I can't wait to share them and hear all about yours so ...welcome!

I live in Lexington, Kentucky and I love it here. I'll show you some of my favorite places and check out some new ones too. I also plan to use this blog as a place to share photos and thoughts as I work on the restoration of my vintage home. Oh the fun we will have! Let's jump in shall we?

Today was my day off so that's always nice, right? It was a lovely, snowy day with big, fat snowflakes that fell all day but never really accumulated.  It was a perfect day to go thrifting and here are some of my finds...

I am a sucker for dog paintings. This is Mitzi 1964 according to the handwritten note on the back. I love it that someone loved her enough to paint her so of course, I snatched it up. She will be company for longtime bungalow resident.....


I also took a chance on this.....

It was taped up something fierce but I did spy what seems to be quite a bit of vintage fabric, a scrap fabric yo-yo doll (with it's back to me so maybe it's hiding something) and some doily looking items. The risk is, of course, those horrible, wretched pantyhose faces! There appears to be at least two in there and where there are two there could be lord knows how many! There is nothing I can say about pantyhose crafts that Eartha Kitsch has not already covered brilliantly on her blog Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch. Be sure and check her out here because she's fabulous!

Have mercy! So I rolled the dice and bought the bag of mystery and I will let you know how it turns out when I cut through all that tape.

On a practical note, I found these...

which is always nice.  I love kitchen stuff but good vintage cookware is kind of a rare bird nowadays so to find two pieces was very fortunate. I snatched em' up.

All in all, a really good thrift store day.

So tonight, I made a casserole in my new Fire King casserole dish and I plan to curl up with an old movie, a mystery and my very favorite thrifty finds of all time ....



and Oscar aka Baby Brother

I've never had a blog before so I'll just play it by ear and hope y'all join in when you feel the beat.
Goodnight for now,

Lucky Charm Vintage