Sunday, April 21, 2013

Counting Your Snakes Before They Hatch

Good evening folks!

What a truly gorgeous day it was today. I had the doors open and all the windows up so I could give the house a good airing and the little dogs sunned themselves on the back porch all afternoon sort of airing themselves out. I sang while I cooked and I hummed while I cleaned. I changed all the sheets. I swept the porch. I even made banana pudding! I thoroughly enjoyed the day. But that's not how things looked when I woke up this morning.

I've felt such intense unease mixed with annoyance the last couple of days that I just knew was house related.  It’s a feeling that I've experienced more and more the last few months. I've been so busy with work the last year that my house and my little plans for it have been relegated to the way back seat. So, when I do get a few days off, I feel kind of overwhelmed by all the things I have to do, like laundry, dishes, cleaning etc., much less the things I want to do. 

That's the mood I started the day with. All this lovely day meant to me was that I had to deal with the yard somehow. I was standing in the back yard practically wringing my hands in melodramatic despair at the jungle before me. Also, since my lawnmower died (and I lack funds this month to replace it) I was armed with only a sad weed-eater and I just knew there were snakes out there waiting to freak me out. 

Just then, the dogs started barking and running all around in that way they do when someone is at the door. I lay down my weed-eater and walked around to the front yard to see who it was. Well, it was a nice fellow named Shawn who wanted to know if I needed my yard mowed "real cheap"! Why yes I did! How did he know? 

And just like that, the whole day changed. Shawn knocked out in a few minutes what I had dreaded dealing with all week, bless him. He also said he would stop by weekly to mow for me so I may never have to buy a lawn mower! This is an especially happy thought because I have nowhere to store a lawn mower except under the house and again, I know there will be a future snake there waiting coiled under the yet to be bought lawn mower. Shiver.

Join me next time when we discuss channeling your inner mamaw and I introduce y'all to the little hounds!

But I'll leave you tonight with a video about lawn care of sorts. I had forgotten how much I liked this tune but it is terribly sad when they all go back in the ground...

Good night for now,

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