Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things You Learn About Yourself in a Thrift Store

Good Afternoon Folks,

I found the cutest vintage, wood, spice shakers at the Goodwill last week and I thought I would use them as models in my quest to become a real photographer! A really good friend of mine, Lynnessy Catron, is a fabulous photographer and she has been nice enough to let me pick her brain about all things photography. You can check her work out here. She also hooked me up with a proper camera. A proper camera that I am so clueless about! I handle it like it's a bomb and peer at its screen with its mysterious text flashing about, mocking me. But, thanks to Lynnesy, I am slightly less fearful and overwhelmed by it this week. Slightly.

Back to the spice shakers. I love finding vintage kitchen items when I go a thriftin', so imagine my joy when I came across a little nest of vintage, wood, hand-painted shakers shaped like chefs! I think they are adorable but some of their expressions seem a little .... belligerent? Irritated? Nutmeg is truly shocked, right? Maybe they are little spice Rorschach tests and you see in them a reflection of your own feelings. Nah, because I am happy when I look at them.

Happy because I visualized the way I wanted this photo to look and with Lynessy's help, I actually made it happen just like what was in my head. This might seem a simple thing, but I am really excited! I went from being completely overwhelmed and doubtful to really psyched by all the possibilities. And I love possibilities.

While I was a thriftin, I had one of those moments that all hard-core thrifters have experienced. That moment when you see some item, some little thing you never knew you wanted and it speaks to you on some primal, hind-brain level. You know that it has been waiting for you all this time. You know it couldn't have been any other way, it was meant to be. Well, here's what the universe gave me last week...

There it was, just sitting there being a green glass hat.  Of course, I had seen pieces like these in thrift places dozens of times. But, I hadn't seen this one. Folks of a certain age will remember when these were common home decor, along with its buddy,  the glass shoe. I think they were toothpick holders, though I don't remember any actually holding toothpicks. I also seem to remember people had one or the other but never both. You were hat people or you were shoe people.

I remember hats and shoes in a range of sizes and they tended to be gold, green, red or blue. Some were made of milk glass. I had forgotten all about them. I truly doubt I have given them any conscious thought until I saw this dude last week. Why did I notice it now? Maybe it's because I have my own house now and have been so preoccupied lately with putting my stamp on it. Who knows. I do know that I am a hat person. A green glass hat person.

Have a good evening,

Lucky Charm

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting to Know ... Oscar!

Good evening folks!

It has been a busy few weeks here at the bungalow so I must apologize for slacking in my posts.  Oddly enough, despite my lack of new posts, it feels as though I have been thinking about the blog quite a bit.  New ideas are percolating and home and crafty projects are coming into alignment.  I have so many little things on the burner I feel like the proverbial chicken running around.

But this week I wanted to start introducing the little hounds, or houndlets, as I call them.  I have three adorable dogs, each of whom I love, but I am always amazed at how different they are from each other.  Their likes, dislikes and preferences are as different from one another as well...I suppose our human friends and family. Okay, so even though I really have no great new insight to impart, I think we can all appreciate cute dogs! 

This week the doggy spotlight is on Oscar! Hello Oscar….

At nine years old, Oscar is the youngest of the three at least in biological terms. In attitude, he is a grouchy old man of around 85, so don't let the cuteness fool you. When he's mad his little bark sounds like a duck quacking. An angry duck at that! But he does have a sweet side too. He is a cuddler and always wants to be in someone's lap. Sometimes I suspect this is because it makes him feel more powerful in relation to other dogs rather than a true desire to snuggle on his part. Oh well, we'll call it snuggling and leave it at that for now. When he is not cuddling up to me, he will sneak a snuggle from one of the other dogs. How sweet is that face?

Here are some more facts about Oscar...

He has a cute heart on his side, literally!

He enjoys wearing clothes. I feel the need to state that Oscar actually enjoys wearing clothes and though I let him wear them, I would never dress a dog up otherwise. On the day that Oscar arrived at my house from his foster home, he was sporting a snazzy, brown coat and among his belongings was a big ole' bag full of little sweaters and t-shirts. 

He doesn't care that dogs ought not wear clothes!

He is patriotic!

I totally made that fact up but I do think this pic is so cute. Since his birthday is unknown, I decided to make it July 4th so I would remember it and so that we could have more cute photo ops!

He likes to stare at me while I cook. Or is he trying to hypnotize me .... hmmm?

He loves to eat whatever you're having. In this instance, it was pasta salad.

He is really quite small. This pic was taken while he was sunbathing in the back yard. Can you see him there?

Mostly Oscar loves to nap but he often keeps one eye open just in case. Oscar is suspicious by nature.

So there is the short guide to Oscar. We sure do love him here and I hope you enjoyed meeting him. There will be lots more Oscar in the future as well as introductions to my two other houndlets, Chiclet and Sherlock.  

Be sure and let me know all about your dogs and don't forget that cats are always welcome here at the bungalow!

I leave you tonight with this gem from Miss Patti Page. Nowadays we all know it's not PC to buy a dog from a pet shop, but we can still enjoy the silky pipes of Miss Page and one of the catchier tunes ever written.  

Night, night,

Lucky Charm Vintage