Monday, June 24, 2013

Firing Up the Mechanism!

Last Saturday I received my acceptance letter for readmission to the University of Kentucky. Yay! I have so much free time right?

I'm only planning to take two classes per semester so I don't become hateful and mean. In fact I really love school. I'm a big ol' geek that way. I love scanning the list of offered courses, looking at the required book lists. I love the potential that comes with a new school semester. What I don't love is paying for college classes. But I'm lucky because my employer pays for 6 credit hours a semester. Yay! Free classes! How can I not take advantage of free classes?

I've been out of school quite a few years now so I'm curious to see how my brain makes the adjustment. Right now I read a great deal - at least a book per week. But that is a lackadaisical, follow your bliss kind of reading, not disciplined, effective in a paper writing way of reading.

I'm going to make it easy on myself until I get back in the swing. I'm only taking two classes and I'm only taking classes I want to take. No "have to" classes for me this semester. I know I'll be taking a couple of history courses but I'm not sure which ones yet. I'm having a real time deciding. UK has a really great History program so I am truly spoiled for choice. Then, I have to pick a graduate program which is even harder!

In the spirit of  my return to studies, let's pretend Oscar's hat is a mortarboard instead of a Shriner's hat.


  1. Congrats Shannon! You will do great!!
    -Lu Lu

  2. Thanks Lu Lu! Keep telling me that when I fall asleep at work!