Monday, June 24, 2013

Longing, Thy Name is Coral!

Good Afternoon Folks,

The living and dining room paint colors have been narrowed down from many to three. Actually two, because that middle color sample is not really a contender. It's way too pink to live with 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I like pink but what I'm searching for is that perfect shade of coral. That perfect shade of coral that lives only in my head and is unattainable in the cold light of day. My true coral darts and disappears when confronted with paint samples leaving me confused and distracted and no closer to my goal.

I finally settled on the above samples after painting little swatches on the wall. As I said, number two is out due to it's pinkness. Sample one and three are the serious players now. Sample one, ironically, is named Flamingo Pink while sample two, which was disqualified due to overt pinkness, is named Island Coral. Sample three, which is my favorite today, is called Youthful Coral. I like to think of it as Vintage Lady Lipstick Coral because it is the shade of every vintage lipstick I have ever come across in vintage purses and suitcase vanities over the years.

I predict Youthful Coral or Vintage Lady Lipstick Coral, if you prefer, will be the winner by default because I am running out of time and it is the closest I have come to matching not only the shade I see in my mind but also the colors found in my "inspiration" piece. You know, that object or painting or pinterest page with the unifying color vision that "inspires" one to start this whole show in motion.

My color "inspiration" for the living and dining rooms is this really great vintage painting I bought off eBay donkey ages ago. It is really one of my favorite items ever and I love the colors in it! See those elusive strokes of coral. Also, I dream about a turquoise sofa in the same fabulous shades found in this painting. I don't have this dream sofa yet but you know the old adage about preparation for the future starting in the present. So I am preparing in the present for my future turquoise sofa by finding the right shade of coral for the walls today.

I have no idea who the artist is and I have never been able to decipher the signature. Despite many attempts and staring sessions over the years, the enigma will not yield and the artist remains a mystery. I would really love to know who painted it. I would also love to replace the frame as well but there you go.

So, Vintage Lady Lipstick Coral is the winner mainly because I like it best but yesterday, when I was really trying to focus and pick the right and best color, I brought in an impartial observer and VLLC matches Mitzi best of all. So be it.

Coral Dreams and Turquoise Wishes,

Lucky Charm


  1. I love Mitzi! I also like sample #3 the best. And that painting. You're on a roll. If your love affair with Vintage Lady Lipstick Coral (because it really should be named that obviously), try Caribbean Coral from Sherwin Williams. It's all granny lipstick Kapow! too and is from their 50's throwback line. I tried really hard to use it in my house but the lighting wasn't right so it just looked icky. Can't wait to see the after!

  2. Ooh thanks for the tip! I will paint a little sample swatch of it as well. I am getting super excited about having some color finally. These grey walls are so dull. It's so true what you said about lighting. I chose the grey I have right now because it looked so great in my friend's house but it looks positively institutional in mine. I will post lots of after pics!