Friday, June 28, 2013

Somehow I Find It Oddly Liberating!

In the prep work leading up to the painting extravaganza Mom and I have planned next week, I was doing a little plaster repair on one wall of the dining room. It was a bumpy, saggy area that has frankly concerned me for some time now but since I lacked the funds and expertise to address it properly, I did the next best thing. I cleverly arranged some cabinets to hide it from my everyday vision so I could easily forget about it.

And I did forget about it until this painting project came to pass. So yesterday, after doing some internet research, (which amounted to wildly conflicting advice on how to deal with plaster problems that freaked me out even more) I gathered my meager supplies and timidly approached the wall. At the end of the afternoon, this was the result of my efforts.....

Yep! It started out OK but the situation rapidly disintegrated, quite literally. The area was just too crumbly for a quick, easy fix. So I just took all the bad part out which was a larger area than I initially thought I was dealing with. But don't fear! My super awesome step-dad, Rick or The Ricky as we shall call him, is coming over tonight to start the re- plaster process. I am so lucky to have the best step-dad ever and my mom is pretty great too since she is coming with him and I suspect she will do something fabulous, like paint, while they are here.

This area of the wall has secretly nagged at my soul since I got the house. I knew it had to be dealt with but I was really scared about what was behind there, what was causing the wall to be disfigured. I was so sure it was something awful and costly, so I ignored it. Turns out it was not some big, horrid and expensive flaw that would require crews of workmen and beau-coup $$$$! There was no bogeyman. Instead it was just plain old age and ain't nobody getting away from that!

The base coat plaster had, over time, pulled away from the lath in the wall and had bunched up underneath the top coat plaster. There was also a complete kitchen renovation that "shared" the same wall, so I'm sure the settling of that project placed stress on this already weak area of plaster.

Heck, the house was built in 1939 so I guess she is due a little sagging here and there. In fact, this episode has made me appreciate how smooth and sound the rest of the plaster walls are. I can't wait till they are all pretty and painted!

Happy Friday,

Lucky Charm


  1. So glad the plaster fix won't be too bad!! Ours is plaster, so this relieves me too :)

  2. I really love the look and feel of plaster walls. They are so worth it!