Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Finds of the Week! Utility Edition

Good Afternoon Folks,

Here are some of my thrift finds this week!

I'm really focused on useful, vintage kitchen items (that are not plates, Lord knows I don't need more plates) in good, usable condition. I really lucked out this week with a really solid, clean, Club saucepan and lid. Yep, it's awesome alvacado! At the same thrift store, I found a vintage Pyrex measuring cup. Yes, it is unchipped! I love how the chef on my recipe book looks mildly scandalized by my thrift finds. He must have paid too much!

Worse than my salt and pepper shaker fetish is my addiction to vintage pajama sets. I confess I am powerless to resist those soft cotton - poly blends, cool patterns and retro colors. This seasonally appropriate set is made by Sears and the fabric is a really light shade of yellow interwoven with pink and lilac designs.  I really dig them. Also, they have their original tags! Be still my heart! I am so wearing them this week.

How was your recent thrifting? By thrifting of course I include yard sales, estate and tag sales as well! I sure would love to hear about your great finds!

Happy Thriftin' Folks,

Lucky Charm

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